It didn’t take long for Em and I to bond over being from small beautiful countries on opposite sides of the world. She claims to be a true Viking and sometimes compliments me with the Viking title when I put in a hard tackle.

Where are you from and what is the best thing about being from there?

Norway — the nature, it’s beautiful, I love to be close to the ocean.

Why do you play soccer?

Because I meet great people who have the same interests and goals as me. I feel like I learn a lot about myself off the field. I love working in a team, and I feel like I get a unique experience. I’ve been fortunate to play for teams that succeed and I love the feeling of winning.

If you had to stop playing soccer tomorrow and money wasn’t a consideration, what would you want your profession to be?

I would start a small boutique shop where I could sell coffee and good food and furniture and I would work three days a week maybe and spend long weekends in Sandefjord.

What is your strongest attribute and where does it come from?

I think I am very honest and people can trust me, and I am playful.

Growing up did you feel constrained by gender? How have you overcome this?

Not personally, but I feel different playing soccer in the United States than in Norway. Here I can be proud and say that I play professional soccer. In Norway, if I tell people that they ask me, what’s your real job?

What is one thing you do that makes you feel proud?

Taking the opportunity to play abroad, I played in Norway for nine years, it was a big step for me to move away from home and come to America and play.