Megan Oyster

Since freshman year six years ago, Megan and I have been mates. We’ve grown a lot together and she’s become like a sister to me, even to the point where we fight and make fun of each other. Megan is full of life and adventure and also hates to lose no more than to me, and I love that about her!

Where are you from and what is the best thing about being from there?

I’m from Chicago, Illinois. The best part about being from Chicago is how much the city has to offer! The lakefront, the skyline, the friendly people, the diversity, the food! It’s the best city!

Why do you play soccer?

I love being in a team and working hard toward the same goal. I also love to travel and soccer is my ticket to see the country and the world!

If you had to stop playing soccer tomorrow and money wasn’t a consideration, what would you want your profession to be?

I would be a chef or a baker!

What is your strongest attribute and where does it come from?

I think I’m a pretty resilient person. I don’t give up easily — this is definitely a quality I got from both my mom and dad.

Growing up did you feel constrained by gender? How have you overcome this?

Yes, but luckily I had parents who pushed me through any tough situations. I loved all sports, wearing jerseys, playing in the mud, etc., and was constantly told to look or act differently. When I first started playing soccer there was no professional women’s league, which is what I dreamed of and wanted to do for a career. We continue to overcome gender constraints in our league today, whether that’s equal pay, proper equipment, marketing, and playing fields; it’s a battle worth fighting for and I’m happy to be a part of the movement!

What is one thing you do that makes you feel proud?

Coaching. I love sharing my experiences and seeing young kids learn, create, and understand in a way they never thought they could. It makes me proud of where I started from and shows how much I have grown as a player.

What question do you want to be asked when you’re interviewed?

Who inspires you. It’s an emotional question that not only makes you think of your own accomplishments but it allows you to look back at how you achieved those things and who was there for you along the way.