Tiffany Weimer

Tiff is known on the team for her sarcastic sense of humour. Tiff also runs her own company, Duktig Brand (https://www.duktigbrand.com/) and supplies the team with wicked soccer planners!

Where are you from and what is the best thing about being from there?

I’m from Connecticut. I love that it’s a small state between two major cities. Feel like I can have the city life when I want it, but I’m not a city person so I wouldn’t want to live in either. I’m proud to be a northeasterner; we’re tough and got some attitude, spunk, and sarcasm... and we speak properly. We’re the best and we think we’re the best. Also my family is deeply rooted there. I’m proud I came out of a small state and did things and saw the world.

Also, good Italian-Irish food, really good food, man, some of the best pizza you’ll ever have.

Why do you play soccer?

Because I crave happiness like most people, every day I crave it and I want it. I was lucky I found that when I was five I found happiness in soccer every day no matter what. So I don’t know why I wouldn’t do that, I feel
so lucky that I know what makes me happy — not everyone knows that. I crave competition and obviously that’s every day with yourself and your teammates. Since I still enjoy it, I feel I can still get better if I ever felt I wasn’t improving it wouldn’t be as fun. I never feel like I am done growing as a player.

If you had to stop playing soccer tomorrow and money wasn’t a consideration, what would you want your profession to be?

I would continue with Duktig Brand – creating products to help enhance people’s lives. Soccer is what I know, so I would start a soccer academy, I could be a coach – I would never want coaching to be something that pays my bills, I want it to be something I love. I don’t want kids I coach to be paying my mortgage.

What is your strongest attribute and where does that come from?

I’m very observant, which allows me to relate to people more because I notice things or at least I think I do. I try to be self aware – If I’m being a pain in the butt I know it, but doesn’t mean I’ll stop. I think I know what people need. Mom always put me in uncomfortable situations to push me. Knowing I need to be a little uncomfortable to have a good time.

Growing up did you feel constrained by gender? How have you overcome this?

It’s hard to see male counterparts doing the same job, in terms of money and how different our lives are compared to male players. In terms of money and resources to perform at our best, we need more – I don’t think we’ve ever had the opportunity to be at our best while men get to be at their best all the time. Yeah, it’s frustrating.

What is one thing you do that makes you feel proud?

I’m proud I can get up every morning and enjoy what I do. Going to work, sometimes it’s hard but I never hate it, it never feels like a job — a lot of people complain — but I’m proud that I appreciate what I do. I’m proud that I came back from my ACL [tear in 2014], I didn’t know if I would.

What question do you want to be asked when you’re interviewed?

How did you get so funny?