I don’t think I can explain “Chappy” in a sentence or two, probably not even in a whole page. She’s one of the strangest yet greatest humans I’ve met. For some, her humor is a little too intrusive, maybe a little creepy but Chappy is a little firecracker — she’ll keep you on your toes.

Where are you from and what is the best thing about being from there?

I am from Courtice, Ontario, Canada. The best part about it is the proximity to places that aren’t Courtice and also Scoops Ice Cream.

Why do you play soccer?

I play soccer because I’ve loved it since I was five. When I was four, I played summer t-ball and hated it with a burning passion because I had too much energy and there was too much standing around. Favorite thing about soccer (now that I’m not a goal scorer like my former self) would be the 1v1 battles and shutting down the opposition.

Growing up did you feel constrained by gender? How have you overcome this?

I never really felt constrained growing up. I played with the boys in soccer and hockey. I never grew up wanting to be a professional athlete because I never knew it was possible for me because all I saw on was male athletes. I didn’t really have any female soccer role models because until my teenage years I didn’t really know any existed.

If you had to stop playing soccer tomorrow and money wasn’t a consideration, what would you want your profession to be?

Not sure what I want to do. That question gives me anxiety. Thanks a lot.

What is your strongest attribute and where does it come from?

Strongest attribute is probably my grit – I don’t know where it came from, I just hate losing and would do anything for my team (within reason, dying is out of the question).

What is one thing you do that makes you feel proud of yourself?

I am mostly proud that I almost always feature on Tiffany Weimer’s blog (The World According to Weimer; http://www.empireofsoccer.com/ author/tweimer/). This might seem like a small feat, but it means I’m super interesting.

What question do you want to be asked when you’re interviewed?

What is your spirit animal?