Encourage healthy and wholesome living through natural food, creativity, movement, and exploring the things that make you feel 'alive'. 



A friend asked me: "Rosie, how are you going to make a dent in the universe?"

I find this question extremely tormenting. The more time I spend doubting my 'purpose' and wondering whether I am making a large enough impact - the more time I spend staring at the wall and working myself into a static state. This quote from Howard Thurman has guided my recent thoughts and inspired me to adapt a slightly different approach. "Don't ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive." Instead of dreaming of how I can make the greatest dent on the universe, I'm going to explore the things that make me come alive. 

I've been playing international Football since I was 14 years old, so by 24 I now have a 10 year career under my belt. Undoubtably, there have been moments where Football has made me 'come alive'. However upon reflection, the moments where I have felt 'most alive' are the periods of my life where I have found a synergetic balance between my various, yet intertwined passions.

There are four very broad and very fluid passion pillars that support my ability to 'come alive'. These are the things that I value the most - the components of life that make me feel most excited. These are my foundations, the pieces of my nature that feel innate and worthy of exploration. These foundations are: Health and fitness (sport), friends & family, creativity, and adventure.

  • Health & Fitness (sport) has taught me about strength, team work, dedication, adversity, and being un-afraid. It has taught me to take chances when an opportunity presents itself. It has taught me the value of putting wholesome food into my body. It has taught me you only get out what you put in.
  • Friends & family is my most pivotal pillar, this is my people, they are my motivation, my source of joy, my purpose.
  • Creativity is my most fluid pillar, I have always had the urge to create, to use my hands, to build, and cook, and make art. The ability to create makes me feel fulfilled. 
  • Adventure is certainly my most exciting pillar. A sense of adventure keeps me curious, it pushes me to explore new things, it is also what's helped me develop a deep appreciation for nature.

So what makes you 'come alive'?